Tis the season

Would you believe it if I told you that we are officially in the middle of Engagement Season, and that the peak time to get engaged for most couples is between November and February each year.

There are so many occasions in this little period to spark someone to ask the big question, between Christmas, to New Years, to Valentine’s Day (to name the most obvious) that it’s such an exciting little period.

So, if you were lucky enough to get engaged over the past few months - what do you do next?! I mean, obviously you call your loved ones and spread the news and take loads of pictures of the ring…but what after that?

The most fun thing to do, is obviously go to the place in your house with the brightest light (bathroom…maybe) and just look at your new ring glitter and shine. Fun, isn’t it! Take in all in, soak up the moment.

For the more practical amongst us, we also get that ring added to our contents or house insurance (trust me…although you’ll be hyper vigilant about the whereabouts of the ring, having the peace of mind of knowing it’ll be okay if anything [god forbid] does happen). Then, begins the rest of the fun. The choices, oh the choices.

Narrow down the date you want to get married (if it’s not going to be predestined due to work commitments, hello teachers!). Easiest place to start? Just pick a season - do you feel like a spring, summer, fall or even winter wedding? I find that this can then lead into many of your other decisions you’ll need to make. It may influence the colour scheme of your wedding, or the flowers that will be available. It might influence the type of dress you end up walking down the aisle in (or maybe not, if you choose a destination wedding in December).


Onto the little thing no one wants to discuss….money. You’ll need to narrow down your budget and really figure out what you want to spend (if only we all had unlimited funds). You’ll be surprised at how many little things end up sneaking into your budget and throwing things off. The big things seem more obvious - the dress (I mean….hellooo), food (someone’s gotta feed the people), the venue (or two venues if you have them), the photographer (hi), alcohol (if you have an open bar)…and the list goes on and on.

Once you’ve figured out your season and your budget, you can move forward. Look at venues - their availability may help you narrow down the date in your chosen season. Choose the dress - this can be such a fun experience, and make sure to keep it that way! The right dress will come. Compile your guest list, again, this may be set by your venue of choice if they only have limited seating.


For many of these things, Pinterest is a girl’s best friend. You can use it for so much inspiration. Wedding magazines are great, but Pinterest is just so convenient! You can also visit Wedding Shows for inspiration and to really allow you to hash out your ideas. Supplier’s are also great to bounce ideas off.


I know it is a lot to think of, and a lot to take in.

Sometimes, it’s good to just revel in the moment, and really be there with your (now) fiance. Celebrate the engagement period. Get an engagement shoot done. I really recommend couples get these for a few reasons. First, if you do one with your wedding photographer, it really allows you to build up a rapport with that person, and get to know them better before the day. It allows you to see their style of editing and style of posing and give you that chance to give them feedback and make requests prior to your big day. Second, it allows you to really celebrate being engaged, and gives you a lovely set of photographs of you in something other than your wedding outfits. Although you will treasure your wedding outfits and wedding pictures, it’s always nice to have some “plain clothed” shots available to use. I’ve had people use their engagement shoot pictures for their save the dates - such a cute cute thing.



So - if you were lucky enough to get engaged, and want to have a coffee with someone (me) to go through anything - then please do get in touch.